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Magnolia Lane-Lowcountry Blonde!

My first time blogging!!!

Why did I want to start my Magnolia Lane Blog?

The truth is, i'm terrified to do this. This is a little bit outside of my comfort zone. I'm not text savvy, I don't consider myself to be the least bit creative when it comes to writing and i'm a little worried people wont like my content.

At this point i'm inspired to do more with my life. I'm very passionate about my Real Estate & Architectural Photography business & want nothing more then to help those in the Home/Builder/Rental/Commercial industry.

My vision for this blog is to help homeowners, buyers, rental companies, builders, real estate agents & companies- hell pretty much anyone that will find value in the content I plan on sending out!

My goal is to connect with those in the industry and build long lasting connections.

Live Oak Covered with Spanish Moss- South Carolina

Southern Charm & How Southern Belle became a Belle?

As long as I can remember I've always been in love with the charm of South. In the South, we are taught from the time we are knee-high to a grasshopper to say yes 'am and yes sir.

We learn to smile, wink subtlety, wink exaggerated, flutter, flatter, flirt, bedazzle, and sparkle.

We bless each others hearts. We call lots of folks darlin' and sweetie, and we intentionally practice radiating warmth like mid-morning sunshine.

In fact if you want to cultivate these talents in your own life, practice creating warmth wherever you go. Notice everyone around you and speak. It establishes instant rapport. Treat everyone (tellers, waiters, bellman, bankers, lawyers, etc) with equal kindness and respect.

And above all be utterly feminine or gentlemanly.

Who can resist a Southern Lady or Gentleman, darlin'?

So go ahead, spray on a little honeysuckle or magnolia blossom perfume, drop those ending g's, mix yo'sef a mint julip or a mint sweet tea, curl up in the porch swing and practice.

Let me know how your style develops... ya'll

Yes- in my Nicholas Sparks Day Dream of a life that is how I envisioned my life in the South. Has it exactly been like that hmmm well don't you want to know! -teehee

Like I said before i've always been in LOVE with the South. The Live Oak Spanish Moss Trees, the Ocean & the Southern Belle's. Believe me when I say if i could dress like a Belle- honey I would be dressed head to toe everyday as a Southern Belle.

I actually started my Southern Belle Photography business in Illinois in 2005 and can you believe know one had that name taken. Then I uprooted & moved my business to the Southern part of California and can you believe know one had that name taken either?

Then in July of 2015 I moved here to my Forever Home of South Carolina. Finally my feet can walk on Southern Ground & a Belle is finally born. And can you believe know one had Southern Belle Photography taken here either?

How I would dress everyday-hahahah

- By golly I was like I CANT BELIEVE IT. God has made my dreams come true- & that my friends is how this Southern Belle became a Belle!

i look forward in connecting with you all over this next phase in my life & I truly hope you find value in my future blogs!


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