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Why should I hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer, instead of doing it myself?

Many smartphones take excellent photos. However, even the latest smartphone is lacking, due to the absence of a wide-angle lens and limited exposure control.


Southern Belle Photography takes multiple exposures of every photo in order to capture the most detail in every room of your listing. In addition, I use a tripod, a wide-angle lens, and dedicated software to produce images that stand out.


It’s my comprehensive process that truly makes the difference!

How do I order/Book a Photoshoot?

Our ordering process is designed to be simple. In the menu section, you will see a Book Now tab. You simply click on the link and fill out your booking reservation requestion and a member of our team will reach out to you to confirm your booking reservation. 

What is your pricing?

Our pricing can be seen via the Booking Form and or in the menu section you will see Pricing. From there click on Pricing- Photography Collections.

What is your photography process?

Once your booking request reservation is placed we will review your reservation to be sure we don't have any questions. You will then be sent a Confirmation Email Contract that goes over your reservation in detail, along with a helpful photoshoot preparation guide to help get the property ready before our arrival. You will also receive an Invoice. Payment is required to schedule your photo shoot. We will only add your photoshoot to our calendar when the invoice has been paid. Once we arrive at the property the photographer will get started right away. The photographer will go through the property moving items here and there but we are not there to stage and prepare the property. The photographer will photography the property as-is so please make sure the homeowner followed the preparation guide to ensure we have amazing photos. Photoshoots typically take up to an hour but that also depends on if you have added on any services. Our turnaround time is 24-72 hours but you typically have them in a 36-hour window. They are delivered via email for you to download and save onto your device. 

Can I choose my photographs?

We service 25-30 clients a week and for each photoshoot, we can take anywhere from 100-1,000+ images. To ensure a fast turnaround we do not allow you to choose your photographs. We do however take requests so if you would like a certain angle of a room or area please let the photographer know per your booking request.


I will ensure you that Andrea specializes in Real Estate Photography and has done this for over sixteen years. She is skilled and has the eye to capture the right angles that will showcase your property & give it the exposure it needs to sell fast. You are in great hands! We PROMISE!!!


What is the turnaround time?

24-72 hours. However, we have them over to you most of the time in a 36-hour window. 

  • If your reservation falls on Monday you can expect your images Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

  • If your reservation falls on a Tuesday you can expect your images Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

  • If your reservation falls on a Wednesday you can expect your images on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

  • If your reservation falls on a Thursday you can expect your images Friday, Saturday, or Monday. 

  • If your reservation falls on a Friday you can expect your images Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday. 

  • If your reservation falls on a Saturday you can expect your images Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 

  • If your reservation falls on a Sunday you can expect your images Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

What are your business hours?

We are open 9am -5pm Monday through Friday

9am-3pm on Saturday & Sundays (Additional Fees Apply)

What Booking Times Do you Offer?

9 am

10:30 am



3 pm


Anything before 9am and after 5pm is an additional fee of $75

When & How Do I Pay?

Payment is required to schedule your photo shoot. We will only add your photoshoot to our calendar when the invoice has been paid. You will receive an invoice via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account. You can check out as a guest. 

Who owns the photos?

Great Question~ As a professional photography service company operating under federal copyright law, Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC maintains full copyright ownership of all images. The images may be used by you (and your firm) to promote the sale of this property in any media. We provide a limited license to use these photos expires after the sale of the property or the termination of your current listing agreement. Your firm may continue to use the images for general web promotions. We require any non-licensed parties who use the images to provide photographic credit to Southern Belle Real Estate Photography.

SHARING: DO NOT share the photos outside your organization. ALL THIRD-PARTY REQUESTS (including clients, contractors, vendors, designers, staging companies, builders, other firms, and editorial use) to use the images require advance authorization from Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC. Additional licensing and fees may be assessed to requesting third parties. 

SHARING WITH OTHER AGENTS: You may share the images with other agents/ brokers strictly for digital/ social media posting provided they provide photographic credit to Southern Belle Real Estate Photography in any posting/use of the images.


CO-LISTING: This license extends to other agents within your local office (within your firm) to co-listing agents. This license does not extend to other firms and their agents. If co-listing with another firm, each firm (if using the images) must purchase a license to use the images for the promotion of the property.


Can you “Photoshop” items out of an image?


We can photoshop anything! However, for real estate laws, we are limited to what we can remove from the property. Certain smaller items, such as carpet stains or dead grass, are pretty simple fixes while maintaining quality results. I can only Photoshop items that are fixable or plan on getting fixed. I can not remove a permanent feature. 


Can you “Photoshop” out that crack in the wall?

For ethical and legal reasons, we cannot digitally remove a permanent physical feature of a home. This includes removing cracks in walls or ceilings, removing telephone poles or electrical lines, or modifying any other structural deficiency and/or abnormality.


But I will at your request as long as you let your clients know that the photos have been enhanced.

By LAW I can enhance the grass making it greener. I can swap out a gray sky for a beautiful Blue sky. I can add TV Backdrops, I can add fire to fireplaces, and I can add light to burnt-out lightbulbs.


How will I receive my photos?

 There are multiple ways we can give you your images. The main way is through email. You will receive the images in a Google Drive Folder. It is very important that you save these images onto your computer. Because after 30 days we delete ALL images and will no longer have access to them. 

What is the resolution of the photos I will receive?

You receive web-optimized images (WEB), which are 2048 X 1362. These images are great for web, mobile, and MLS. All images are delivered in JPEG format.


Sizing for all Real Estate Collections are sized to 1920 x 1080 per South Carolina MLS regulations. 



Can you upload the photos to MLS for me?

Due to MLS regulations, 3rd party vendors are not allowed to log in to MLS under an agent’s name and password.


Do you have Supra Access?

According to the CCAR Professional Photographers are NOT GRANTED access via supra. If you have a photographer that does use this you should report them to the CCAR Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors for they are breaking laws and you both could be fined. CCAR # 843-626-3638.

Do you shoot on weekends?

I offer 30 spots Monday-Friday. If you cant get your session in on a Monday - Friday and you can ONLY schedule it on a Saturday or Sunday we consider that an emergency photo session. We offer Saturday and Sunday Sessions starting at a 10:30am. The fee starts at $85 and goes up based on the time & day you book. 


Do you carry general liability insurance?



Do you offer Additional Services?

Yes, we are a full-service Real Estate Photography company. We offer services that other Real Estate Photographers don't. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to marketing your property. 

Do you offer discounts?

We may, from time to time offer special incentives. However as a rule we keep our everyday pricing as low as possible. We are glad to consider special packages for large projects involving multiple properties.

For inquires about such projects contact us at

Do you offer refunds?

After you review the images if there is anything you want us to enhance or change for the images you received please let us know.  We do not replace images or exchange images once they are sent over. It is important that if a certain angle or feature is to be highlighted to have let the photographer know ahead of time per the confirmation email & at the time of the photography session. We try our very best to listen to what you say and interpret that in the best way we can.  We are here to work with you and make sure you are satisfied with the final product. If you would like to have another angle or more images please refer to the next section to see pricing options. 

We do not offer refunds


Do you replace or exchange images?


If you want more angles or more images there is a fee. If I ever feel like you need more photos I will always let you know before I start editing. This will allow you to upgrade your collection if you choose. Once the photos have been sent over & you decided that you want to add more images or add more angles of the room/property/etc. there is a fee. It's $7 for Standard HDR (Interior) PER Images & $14 for Standard HDR (Exterior) PER Image. It's $9 for Luxury HDR (Interior) PER Image & $18 for Luxury HDR (Exterior) PER Images.  If you require a re-shoot there is a re-shoot fee which is the same price as the session you booked & a full travel fee. We are here to work with you and make sure you are satisfied with the final product.  

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