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Virtual Twilight

Twilight Photography

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4 Luxury HDR Images

This is a technique in which the photographer will photograph the exterior of the property. Typically a Front Exterior & a Back Exterior. This photography process is done 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunset. It is important that ALL Interior and Exterior lights be on to give the full twilight effect.


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1 Luxury HDR Image

This is a technique in which we take an image from Day to Night Artificially.


The photographer will photograph the property like normal & will go into the editing room and transform your day image to a twilight image. It's a little more time-consuming. But it's a great way to showcase the property.  


Imagine the photo shoots retailers and catalog companies do to showcase their products.

Would they release a catalog with photos of stained living room furniture or with improper lighting?

Of course not — and neither should a seller.


A home is a product for sale, just like any other, and should be marketed as such.

Twilight shoots can be appealing for marketing campaigns.

But daytime shoots can really bring out the warmth of the home. We recommend always have professional day time photos of the property & to add on a Twilight Session to give it that POP that attracts buyers!

Twilight shoots can also make a property stand out among all of the other properties for sale in their area,

For me, twilights stand out so much more when buyers are looking for a property.

If you are searching through 100’s of listings and see one all lit up and with a beautiful sunset behind it you are more likely to click on it and view the property. For me, it is in the top 3 tips for marketing a property.

A twilight image of a home can really help viewers take that second look to see more of a home inside as well.

If the outside is more appealing then they will have more curiosity to look at the other parts of the home.

Twilight shoots add to the appeal and beauty of a home, and perhaps that has something to do with

them looking a little different.

We don’t often see a home all lit up like that just after sunset, and when you add in one of nature’s true wonders – a beautiful sunset – then we find that hard to resist. 

Sunsets are also very appealing to a lot of people, it is one of the most featured photographs from any range of photographers. Sunsets have something calm and relaxing about them.

Are there times when a twilight shoot is not appropriate?

A home with an ocean view may be better off being photographed during the day to ensure plenty of sunlight is hitting the water, and also if a home has no front windows then a twilight shot may not be appropriate because you won’t have the glowing lights (unless there is a good number of exterior lights).

So just about any home will look better at twilight than it will during the day, and they will stand out in any marketing campaign, adding that extra level of glamour that can take a home from ordinary to extraordinary!

But do twilight shoots really help to sell a home?

A real estate agent decided to test the difference between daytime professional photography alone and daytime professional photography along with twilight professional photography, and here’s what they found:


“This house was track­ing at about 1,000 views in one week with about 10 call-ins.


Then we changed the photo the next week (noth­ing else) to a twi­light shot.


Guess what?

Where views normally drop off (because it is considered a stale listing after 1 week), they picked up by approximately 50% to 1,500 views and 15 call-ins in a week when inquiries traditionally drop off.”


So that’s 50% more people who viewed the property, and 50% more people who contacted the

selling agent to find out more about it.

If you’re not sure, feel free to test this yourself and compare how well a daytime photo shoot compares with adding a  twilight image to the collection, and see if you notice a difference.


I would think that, on average, you will see a better result when using twilight photography along with daytime photography for most homes.

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