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property website

It's all about marketing & standing out from your competition.

A property website is the icing on the cake!

This feature not only sets you apart from the rest. It's professional. It also shows potential clients that your the one they want to do business with. You hired us to take Professional Photos of the property. Hopefully, you added on a 360-Degree Virtual Tour and or a Walkthrough Video. Now let's make this property stand out by giving it its very own beautiful well-put-together informative everything all in one place Website!!!!

What all come with my Property Website??

-Contact Information

-Headshot (if you choose)

-Address of property

-Property Details


-Printable Flyer

-Local Information

-School Information


-Floor Plan*

-360 Tour*

Video Walkthrough Tour*

-Branded Property Website

-Unbranded Property Website

-Photo Download Page

-Marketing Kit- Social Media Tiles

-Marketing Kit- Social Media Video

-Weekly Traffic Report

*These items will only be included if you booked & purchased the service.

Starts at: $85

~Social Media Marketing Kit~

For real estate agents that want to be pro-active about marketing a listing, social media is the place to be. We provide a variety of templates for posting to social media, making it easy to look good in the social-sphere.

Social Media Tiles & Marketing Flyers

With social media tiles made instantly from the photos and information in the property, Real Estate professionals are ready to spread the word about that hot new listing. Is there an Open House? Did the property sell quickly? Social media followers need to know that too!

sm tiles.JPG

Social Media Teaser Video

 With branded and unbranded options and two sizes of teaser videos, your photos will come to life, grab attention, and get shared in social feeds.


Marketing Kit Includes...

  • Branded Property Website

  • Unbranded Property Website

  • Lead Capture

  • Printable Flyers

  • Social Media AD Graphics (Flyer Tiles)

  • Just Listed AD Graphics- Post & Tag Seller 

  • This Won't Last Long AD Graphics- Share with real estate professionals & groups so they can tag their buyer clients.

  • New Listing AD Graphics- Share this image to gather attention on your new listing.

  • New Listing AD Graphics- You're excited about your new listing- TELL THE WORLD!!

  • Open House AD Graphics- Boost for likely home buyers living in the area.

  • SOLD AD Graphics- Tag the seller & thank them for trusting you with their home- a great way to garner referrals from the seller's sphere of influence.

  • Get Creative AD Graphics-Click the EDIT button on these AD Graphics to set your own title and information.

  • Facebook AD Graphics- Optimized for both horizonal (desktop) & square (mobile) display.

  • Pinterest- Maximum Photo Tower

  • Site Teaser Video= Post * boost to likely buyers in the area.

  • Site Teaser Banded Video- Embed on your company's website or post to social media.

  • Site Teaser UnBanded Video- Embed on your website or share through social media with real estate professionals & groups so they can tag their buyer clients.

  • Short Promo Video Auto Uploaded to YouTube- Branded Video

  • Short Promo Video Auto Uploaded to YouTube- UnBranded Video

  • Short Promo Video Facebook

  • Branded Front Image Share for Facebook

  • Unbranded Front Image Share for Facebook

  • Twitter Branded Tweet

  • Twitter Unbranded Tweet

  • Linkedin- Branded Share

  • Linkedin- Unbranded Share

  • Pinterest- Collage Pin

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