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Why you NEED Vacation Rental Photography...

If you don’t know her already, Andrea Novotny is an absolute pro. 

Beyond her proven expertise in luxury vacation rental photography, she is a wildly successful entrepreneur who both owns and manages her own portfolio of vacation homes. She is also an artist, a blogger, & is a sought-after photographer.

Andrea's exceptional work has made her one of the most trusted authorities in the industry, often guest speaking at industry conferences or being featured in blogs, where she freely shares her expertise in the finer details of premium vacation rental photography. You probably have seen some of the properties she has photographed that have been featured in HGTV's Bargain Beach Hunt. She has been featured multiple times by HGTV & is known as one of their Featured Photographers. So rest assured you are in good hands with Andrea Novotny- Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC.

Do you stand out from your competition?

Pull up similar properties in your area and look at the AirBnB, Flipkey, Homeaway, or VRBO Images- does your Vacation Rental Photography stand out, or just blend in?


Did you just take all your images on your iPhone

(or does it look like you did)?


What does that say about you and your Vacation Rental… and are you ready to step up your game for more- and higher-paying- rentals?


Finally, and most importantly- what about your online presence makes someone notice and rent YOUR property?

Power of Photography

Whether you are an owner or a management company, every single property needs incredible Vacation Rental Photography. And not just photos, stand-out photos.


According to a recent Trip Advisor study, when people are deciding which property to book, pictures are more important to them than reviews. Travelers rely heavily on the photos of a property when choosing where to lay their heads each night while they are away from home.

You will be surprised just how affordable good Vacation Rental Photography pricing can be, especially when expressed as a percent of ROI. AirBnB’s own study says that hosts with professional photos make 40% more than other hosts in their own, local area… and they book 24% more.


Search in your local area and look at the images you see. According to Evolve, only 43% of vacation rental owners are currently using professional photography services. Professional-grade photography means your property will still stand out from the hundreds of thousands of listings that are still not using a pro.

Your images say everything about your property to users on the Internet. Check your images- how appealing are they? Do they turn heads? Or does your property look like a cave? This is where we can really help you!

Vacation Rental Photography Drives Revenue!

An excellent photoshoot is one of the most valuable marketing tools for your property. It's your least expensive option for building more value than your competitors and the best way to differentiate your property.


Look at it as micro-advertising your space and a detailed preview of what travelers can expect when they arrive!

The key to consistently getting reservations is having a variety of photos that showcase your vacation rental's features and amenities.

If you do it right, the photos you create will be worth thousands of dollars in bookings!

What does a 40% increase in bookings mean to you?

If you typically rent one night a week, you can expect to add 20 more nights a year (according to AirBnB’s study). For the cost of three. That is a GREAT ROI. And it’s even better when you consider the life of your images- 3-5 years until you need to replace or reshoot them. That works out to an investment of one booking a year, and you win!


You place your property images head and shoulders above your competition. You can charge more for each booking. This all adds up to a potential 40% increase in earnings. 

Location, Location, Photography

After location, vacationers say that photography is the most important determining factor in deciding where to stay. And unlike location, photography is the thing you can do something about. Not only does photography give you a great ROI, but the effects online are almost immediate.

If you treat your VRBO or AirBnB property like a chore, that is exactly what it will become. But your property is an investment, and you need to attack it that way. If you are on this site now reading this page, then you already know (or at least think) that a “good enough” mentality will not only lose you guests but also lose you money.


Treat your vacation rental property as a proper business and make the proper investments, beginning with hiring a professional photographer. Professional quality images have been shown repeatedly to increase AirBnB rentals up to 40% per year (according to AirBnB’s own study). What does a 40% increase in bookings mean to you? If you typically rent one night a week, you can expect to add 20 more nights over the next year! 

AirBNB & VRBO Photography

Vacation rental photography is a totally different beast with totally different challenges and goals than real estate photography, so we do handle them in totally different manners.


Your needs are unique and specialized; you are about creating a mood and an atmosphere…. and that takes time. You need higher quality photographs, so we spend substantially more time on site. Creating a mood and a feel also means more attention to detail in editing. Your use is longer-term, years instead of weeks, and your market is wider than local MLS.

Turn around time on your Vacation Rental Photographs is pretty quick- we can usually have the images back to you in a 24-72 hour window.  So you can be up and running, posting new AirBnB images in the next few days! 

We have created a guide to help you with your Vacation Rental Staging. This guide is what we use for Real Estate Photography Shoots but it goes hand and hand with Vacation Rental as well. However, you can leave your appliances and other things out if you wish to showcase what things you have to offer.  We have a variety of Vacation Rental Photography Collections (Pricing), perfect for your Vacation Rental Photographs. One is surely right for you, and to get your booking up and your vacation rental business booming!

Licensing Usage

Commercial Rental Photography for home rentals & properties includes web & print licensing for up to three years. 

Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC maintains full copyright ownership of all images. The images may be used by you (Payee, Homeowner, and or a Rental Company advertising for you) to promote the rental of this property in any media. Your license to use these photos expires after three years from the day of the photography reservation.  We require any non-licensed parties who use the images to provide photographic credit to Southern Belle Real Estate Photography along with purchasing a leasing license to use the images.

DO NOT share the photos outside your organization. ALL THIRD-PARTY REQUESTS (including clients, contractors, vendors, designers, staging companies, builders, other firms, and editorial use) to use the images require advance authorization from Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC. Additional licensing and fees may be assessed by requesting third parties.

The person who paid for the images may share the images with an agent if you choose to for marketing purposes if it falls under the three-year mark, otherwise, you'll need to pay for a Real Estate License to market the images. 

All images produced for an Agent, or Broker {Client} may be used by the Client for all marketing materials and campaigns associated with the property and for the Client's self-promotion. licenses are granted only to the PAYEE CLIENT and not to any third party. Any usage of the images by a third party, including not limited to other agents, brokers, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers, or buyers, is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by the Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC, and have obtained a leasing license to use the images. No MLS company or Agent owns the rights to any images produced by Southern Belle Photography without a written transfer. Southern Belle Photography has the right to use the images in marketing promotions or advertising at any time. We also have the right to resell leasing rights to other agents or the owners. You cannot download or copy any images you find on any Social Media Accounts, any Real Estate Sites, any Rental Sites, any Website found on the internet without written permission, and leasing rights from Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC. If any image produced by Southern Belle Real Estate Photography has any manipulation including editing or changing in any way without being granted an Editorial Leasing License has committed Copyright Infringement. If any images have been found used by any party without the written consistent and leasing rights to use the images from Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC. is committing infringement theft and further action will be pursued. Damages of Infringing can range from $750 to $30,000 per image. The first action will be a Cease & Desist letter next action will be legal action! U.S Copyright Law 17 U.S.C 504 ©


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