Magnolia Lane: Southern Belle Photography Blog- You’re DREAM HOME 🏠 Featured Listing

When you look up luxury living, do not be surprised if this custom built Mediterranean masterpiece is listed next to the definition. This 4500+ heated square foot home is both elegant and efficient. True Insulated concrete form construction and concrete curved roof tiles will make you look twice in disbelief at your monthly utility costs and insurance bill. Beautifully built along the picturesque lake in the prestigious community of Plantation Lakes. The meticulous landscape and grand entryway into this home will literally take your breath away as you step inside to tour this custom masterpiece. Featuring 3 en-suite bedrooms, 2 additional half baths for added comfort and convenience, hardwoo

Magnolia Lane: Southern Belle Photography Blog- Standard HDR VS. Luxury HDR Photography!

One of the most overlooked aspects of real estate marketing is the quality of the photography. Digital photography today is everywhere and the technology has advanced to the point that everyone has the ability to snap images and instantly upload them anywhere. The vast majority of real estate listings are shot with a cell phone or an ordinary cameras that simply cannot overcome the complex lighting and spatial challenges presented when shooting the interior of a home. Great real estate photography doesn’t simply require a keen eye behind the lens to make properties look beautiful. It also requires a lot of knowledge about architecture, what angles are better then others, and photography soft

Magnolia Lane: Southern Belle Photography Blog- Should NEW Agents hire a Real Estate Photographer?

"I'm a brand new real estate agent, and I don't have much left in my marketing budget after paying for my flyers and the billboard, so I don't think i'll hire a real estate photographer to shoot my new listings." It's 2019 & we live in a time where buyers are searching the internet and social media sites for their property. People are no longer calling their local real estate agent on the phone anymore saying, "Hey Susie Q, have you got any 4 bedroom homes on the waterway in Murrells Inlet? My husband & I are looking to buy" If Susie Q the Real Estate Agent wants to get buyers to look at new listings she has, then she won't write a small add and put it in the window of her office. She will m

Magnolia Lane-Lowcountry Blonde!

My first time blogging!!! Why did I want to start my Magnolia Lane Blog? The truth is, i'm terrified to do this. This is a little bit outside of my comfort zone. I'm not text savvy, I don't consider myself to be the least bit creative when it comes to writing and i'm a little worried people wont like my content. At this point i'm inspired to do more with my life. I'm very passionate about my Real Estate & Architectural Photography business & want nothing more then to help those in the Home/Builder/Rental/Commercial industry. My vision for this blog is to help homeowners, buyers, rental companies, builders, real estate agents & companies- hell pretty much anyone that will find value in the co

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