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Professional Real Estate Photography VS. Non Professional Photos

Where is the first place buyers are looking for their next home....?

The Internet

Did you know that 85-90% of your Potential Buyers look online first!

They are looking for the home that stands out to them and they skip over the ones that just don’t appeal to the eye.

Have you looked on Zillow or even on the MLS recently?

You have seen the photos that are crooked, really dark, they didn’t have certain things moved around so that chair you thought would look nice in the picture really made the room look small, or there was something you didn’t notice at the time then when you're uploading to the MLS you notice it and now the picture is ruined, or the worst you didn’t have the right camera or tools to really show how big the room was and it now looks like a closet.

Well that’s where I come in. I am a Professional Photographer. I have gone to school, and I continue to take classes to learn the newest trends and tricks in the Photography World. I have top of the line camera equipment and software. Great Prices. Great turnaround time. 5 Star Ratings, and my clients have even stated because of my pictures they reached tons of potential buyers, one of my clients even said because of my photos they had 10 offers over list price topping at 40k over just in the first 4 days…

Let’s give your clients the best exposure possible. Let’s not have your clients home be the one that gets skipped over!!!!

Southern Belle Photography

Andrea Renee


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