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Welcome to Southern Belle Weddings!!!

Life has some awesome moments that aren't planned and in those moments some magic happens!!! That's where I come in, while posed photography is an art so is catching those un-posed moments, knowing they're going to happen before they do and being in the right spot to catch it.  Image that moment when you look up at your husband or wife during the first dance and glance into each other’s eyes, I am there to get that moment that cannot be posed or when a mother sees her newborn child for the first time, these images are priceless. Life is precious, life is pure. I know how important special moments can be and there is nothing more special then looking back on those captured moments and going back in time and remembering that exact moment. Let me help tell your life’s story!



When choosing a wedding photographer there are several things to consider. This is one of the most memorable days of your life, having the right photographer is key! 


Do you and your possible photographer hit it off? Is he/she someone you would want to be around on your special day? Ask to see a wedding in its entirety, many photographers only display their best images on their website, so make sure to ask! Ask for references, speaking with someone who worked with the photographer on their wedding day is a great way to learn about your potential photographer.


As a wedding photographer I understand there are several steps in planning the photography throughout the day, together we will create exactly what you are looking for to commemorate your wedding day. We will discuss times, locations, shots you wish to capture and things you want to create! The sky is the limit, and sometimes that sky makes for quite a beautiful backdrop! 


I have learned that in being a wedding photographer you are actually so much more, you can be a seamstress, a makeup artist, stylist, a shoulder to cry on,  dress carrier, water fetcher, Kleenex providing, tide pen carrying girl with bags of bobby pins and safety pins. It is so rewarding to capture those moments you will hold dear for a lifetime.



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