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Accessaries are what makes a look well look complete. Let's make your listing complete by adding one or all of our services on your next listing. 


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Real Estate 


Professional Photography by multiple time featured HGTV photographer Andrea Novotny with over 14+ years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. 

Professional Photography

If online is the new curbside, then professional photos are the way to make people pull over and look inside.


Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC.  supercharges your listings by highlighting every property’s best features delivering STUNNING, CAPTIVATING, DYNAMIC IMAGES!.

Andrea services 15-30 clients a week with the majority of her clients selling their properties in 30 DAYS or LESS!!!!

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When it comes to running and marketing your business professional images are a must.

When it comes to promoting & advertising your business Professional Luxury HDR Images are critical to help establish trust & build credibility with prospective customers.


Having Professional Images helps advertise your business in the right light. It helps give your customers a look inside your business and showcase what you have to offer. 


Professional Images are great for your website, adverting on social media & for printing material.  

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One look is worth 1,000. What does your image say about you?

You deserve top-notch photography and professional portraits that fit your brand and your personal style.  Impactful imagery is one of the most important elements to marketing your business. 

It’s how you show the world who and what is behind the curtain.

No matter if it’s individual head shot, a team photo, or capturing you and your talents in action, let’s show the world who you are and what you stand for.

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Marketing a Real Estate Property is one of the most difficult things to do in business today. The competition is brutal, partly because online listing generate most of the leads. So by adding Drone Video to your photography collection it will help you stand out from the pack. 

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Matterport Tour

True 3D Interactive Walk-through

Starts at:


Item Removal

Remove tenanted properties furniture and unwanted clutter to better present to future buyers. even stage it with upscale portraiture to really showcase the space.

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Standard Video 

Walk Through

Real Estate Listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video.

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Luxury Video 

Walk Through

When it comes to today's home buyer, photos just aren't enough. harness the power of a 24/7 online open house to generate more leads and sell your listings faster.

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Just Listed

Social Media 


Social Media is HUGE in today's Real Estate Market. Let us create a nice Advertisement Graphic for you to showcase all over social media of your new listing. 

It's important that when you advertise & promote your brand & listing that you have professional graphics that will help you stand out & that will attract buyers' attention. 

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Floor Plans

Buyers want to see the property layout, to visualize the flow of the rooms. how they fit in relation to other rooms & picture their furniture inside the home

We offer a wide range of floor plans. 

2D Black & White

2D Full Color

2D Textured

3D Full Color

Floor & Site Plan Combination

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Buyers are more likely to purchase off plan if they can visualize a photo realistic representation of their new property.

We offer a wide range of Rendering Services. 

External Render

Internal Render

Duplex Render

Streetscape Render

External Large Project Renders

Aerial Renders

Aerial Streetscape Renders


360 Internal Render


2D Elevation Renders

Starts at:


Virtual Staging

83% of staged properties sell for the asking price or above

Remember they are viewing numerous homes online and deciding which ones to visit.

Therefore, so many real estate agents have turned to virtual staging properties.


This transforms any photo of a vacant room to a beautifully staged room without lifting any furniture.

Our unique cost-effective software will drive buyer traffic, knock out competition and

get your vacant property noticed.  

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Virtual Renovations

Take the unknown out of renovation

Visualize what a design will look like before undertaking expensive renovations.

Help buyers see the true potential of the space

Show buyers what the property will look like once it is fully complete.

90% of buyers start looking online, where you only have a few moments to catch a buyer's interest. 

Starts at:


Virtual Slide Show Tours

Capture your buyers with a branded slide show tour

-Slideshow with image effects, transitions and music

-More info page, nearby schools and walk score

-Facebook, Twitter and social media integration

-iPhone, iPad and mobile-optimized


-MLS Version

-MLS Strict Version


-Photo Delivery 

-Google Map

-Google Map Street View

-Complimentary Agent Profile

-Complimentary Flyer


Options for Posting on

Options for Domain Name and Hosting for a year

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TV Backdrop

Add on Service

Adding a TV Backdrop to a plan black TV screen helps complete the image as a whole, while also adding flair to your property.


Make it a beautiful Beach Ocean View, an image of one of the Amenities, or a nearby golf course or maybe one of the exteriors of the property or even your business logo and contact information.


The sky the limit!!!!

Starts at:



Add on Service

Like icing on a cake is like adding fire to the fireplace!!!


It sets the mood and helps give the buyer the feels of what it would be like to sit in the living room with a nice warm fire cozied up on the couch watching the little ones play.

Starts at:


Marketing Flyer Design 

Add on Service

Put your awesome photos to work with a premium quality Real Estate Listing Flyer.


You know that appealing images are crucial for attracting buyers' interest.


Once those pictures are taken, though, the next step is to make the best use of them.


That would be to create an awesome flyer to promote your brand & your listing.


It's also great to have attached to your just listed sign in the yard for drive-by traffic. 


$75- Single Page Flyer (PDF)

$150 Double Page Flyer (PDF)

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Yard Enhancement

Don't let dormant grass leave your property in an unflattering state! 

Unfortunately in the seasons that mother nature is dormant - it leaves the yard looking a little less flattering. So why not help mother nature out and showcase what your yard really looks like when mother nature is in bloom with a beautiful lush green yard!!

Starts at:


Yard Replacement

Don't you hate when things don't fall into place...

Don't worry- I know you have contacted the Landscape Company & unfortunately, they can't make it out to the property to lay the sod down before the photos are scheduled to be taken.


At Southern Belle Real Estate Photography LLC. we can virtually place a beautiful lush green yard that will help make the property look FAB!!!

Starts at:


Social Media Boost Adverting

Social Media is HUGE in today's Real Estate Industry and just in life period...

Get your listing featured on our Featured Listing Page on our website & all of our Social Media Accounts. We work with thousands of agents and with our social media accounts and our HUGE network from the East Coast to the West Coast to the Midwest we got you covered.


This helps get your listing the exposure it needs to STAND OUT!!!!

We cant tell you how many times our social media marketing has helped Agents "SELL" properties "SIGHT UNSEEN"

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Don't let gloomy days stand in your way!

Don't let gloomy days stand in the way of your listing shinning! I can take any gloomy day and make it a beautiful blue sky kind of day!

This price covers up to 3 images that have been sent over previous that did not have sky enhancement. 

Sky Enhancement

Starts at:


Make it a perfect day everyday

When scrolling through the net there is just something about a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds. 

Unfortunately not everyday is a perfect day. That is where I come in!!! I can virtually replace your gloomy sky with the perfect sky!!!

Sky Replacement

Starts at:


Dusk photos capture an essence that drawls attention to your listing. 


Take your listings front exterior image from day to dusk & let your listing STAND OUT with a beautiful HERO shot!

Turning a photo from day to dusk will not only enhance your listing but will help it stand out from the crowd. An eye-catching sunset will draw everyone's attention. 

Homes presented at dusk are beautiful, romantic and eye-catching. Attract more buyers with a stunning photo of your listing at dusk & show just how beautiful the home can be. 

Day to Dusk

"Virtual Twilight"

Starts at:



Capture emotion with beautiful twilight photography

Emotion is 80% of the buying decision & twilight photography is one of the easiest ways to create emotion in a potential buyer. 

This is a technique in which the photographer will photograph the exterior of the property. Typically a Front Exterior & a Back Exterior. This photography process is done 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunset. It is important that ALL Interior and Exterior lights be on to give the full twilight effect.

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After Hours Photoshoot Fee

Make it a perfect day everyday

We get it at times you need to book your reservation outside regular business hours!

Any reservation booked Monday- Friday before 9am & after 3pm is an

an additional fee of $75.

Any reservation booked on a Saturday...

9am-Noon is an additional fee of $85

12:30-3pm is an additional fee of $95

3:30-5pm is an additional fee $105

Any reservation book on a Sunday from

9am-3pm is an additional fee of $105 

Starts at:



Images added onto collections

Did you go with a lower collection & now need to add additional images?

We can always add on more images if you find that maybe you want to showcase more angles of that stunning kitchen or showcase the community amenities. Whatever it is that you want to add more images of we can do that.


At every photo shoot, we take more than enough images so that we never have to go back and reshoot something. We do it right the first time.

9 times out of 10 we can recommend the perfect collection during our consultation. 


Your photographer will let you know before they start to edit your images if they think you might need to upgrade your collection to really showcase the property. This will allow you to upgrade your collection, otherwise, once we send the images over & then you decided to add on more images there is a per image fee.

Interior Images

(Per Image)

Standard HDR- $14

Luxury HDR-$18

Exterior Images

(Per Image)

Standard HDR-$14

Luxury HDR-$18

Exterior Images with Sky & Yard Enhancement

(Per Image)

Standard HDR-$44

Luxury HDR-$48

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Andrea Renee Novotny

PHONE:  843-353-7067


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HGTV Bargain Beach Front  Featured Real Estate Photographer

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