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Hello and welcome to Southern Belle Real Estate Photography- Myrtle Beach's #1 Real Estate Photographer! My name is Andrea!


I started working in the photography business in 2005.

I worked at a Photography Studio called Picture Me as a beginner photographer.  After training and receiving awards I was moved up to the General Manager Position of two locations. I took training classes through the company to get further advanced in my career. I also took online courses to better master my craft.  

 I attended college courses and have attended many Real Estate Photography Conventions and training courses. I have had the experience to attended training events with some of the most talented photographers in the architectural industry. 


 I specialize in Real Estate Photography which is huge deal.

Real Estate Photography is nothing like family or wedding photography.  You can not just pick up a camera and call yourself a Real Estate Photographer. There was a lot I had to learn to get to where I am. 


In 2014 I turned my focus to ONLY Real Estate & Architectural Photography. I realized that I could not provide the exceptional work that I produce now by offering to photograph families and weddings along with Real Estate. I lost my drive and passion and felt like I was just adding more types of photography service to my bag of tools to stay ahead of the competition & a float.   


I soon realized that I can be good at everything but only exceptional great at one. That's when I did some soul searching and went after what I was passionate about.  


I was voted #4 Best Real Estate Photographer in 2015 in California.

I have also be named Myrtle Beach's #1 Real Estate Photographer by Brokers and Real Estate Companies in 2017, 2018 & 2019.


We are Myrtle Beach's #1 Real Estate Photographer for a reason. We have helped agents sell their listings in little as 20 mins just from the photos alone. 99% of the homes we photograph are SOLD in 30 days or less. 


We have also helped buyers find their dream home without even stepping foot into the home with our amazing photos.


We have had multiple offers on homes and sold more than asking price because of our photos.


I can really go on with more examples of how awesome Southern Belle Real Estate Photography is but I think you get the point.  We are not just a photographer. We specialize in Real Estate Photography and we know what it takes to help get your listing sold from our high end HDR photography, to all the marketing and promoting we do for each and every client.  


We value every client and want to make sure you are getting the exposure your home deserves.

That is why you choose the best on the beach and that is Southern Belle Photography!!!





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